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Somehow, you know it even if you have never actually done a class before: yoga is good for you! Well, yes, it is true, but you are entitled to ask why.

Yoga originated in India about 5,000 years ago and used to be practiced exclusively by men, which is hard to believe. Pop into a class these days and you will see that women tend to make up the majority of students. This might be due to some misconceptions amongst the male gender... So here are just a few facts (there are indeed many more) to shatter these down!

 •  Yoga tones and strengthens your muscles. You will not develop bulky muscles though, just long, lean ones.

• Yoga helps improve your flexibility level, balance, and increases joints' range of motion.

• Yoga normalises digestive and gastrointestinal functions, stimulates the immune system, helps regulate stress levels and sleeping patterns through working on the parasympathetic nervous system.

• Yoga requires focus, thus improving our ability to refine our concentration and retain information.

• Last but not least, yoga changes our outlook on life through getting us to work onto ourselves applying the principles of introspection, reflection and non-attachment (vairāgya).

And in the same way that yoga is beneficial to women and men alike, it is also the case no matter what age you are! Remember that all postures can be adapted to suit your body's abilities.

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