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Corporate classes

 For companies, I have listed below some of the benefits of holding yoga classes in your workplace.

  • Time taken away from screens to focus on the breath and body allows to clear the mind, gain perspective, promote concentration, better retain information and enhance energy level. A great way to banish mental and physical sluggishness that tends to creep on us halfway through the day!

  • Through breath work, yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Over time, it also helps improve relational skills; developing and refining our ability to not run at the mouth and be able to keep a cool and constructive head in more conflictual or challenging relationships and situations. The practice of yoga in a group requires to listen carefully for instructions which in turn contributes to refining listening skills.

  • Having to take a break from work actually helps increase productivity and improve time management and organisational skills.

  • Yoga helps boost the immune system hence a good way to reduce absenteeism due to sickness.

  • Yoga is mostly an individual practice but the experience can be shared afterwards and if all participants are keen to take part in partner work, quite a few yoga poses can be approached in a more inclusive and often fun way. In that respect, yoga can be used as a team building experience since competition has no place in the practice.

  • Yoga practitioners generally feel healthier and happier which translates nicely in a working environment.
    It can also bring about the satisfaction of feeling part of a broader community.

If all of the above sounds good, trust that it is really easy to give yoga a try as the only thing required is a space, some mats - which participants will need to get for practical and hygienic reasons - and the motivation to get started!

Over the years, I have taught in a wide variety of spaces: meeting rooms (big and small), rehearsal spaces, stages, outside spaces, on floorboards, carpet, lino, concrete, you name it! That is the beauty of yoga, you don’t really need that much to get started.

We encourage to trial the sessions for a minimum of 5 weeks - on the basis of a weekly session - so that participants can get a chance to get a little glimpse of how a yoga practice can benefit them, an interesting challenge for me!

A block of 5 sessions costs £300 (£60 per hourly session) or £250 (for 45 minute ones).

In some cases, companies sponsor the class and offer it as a perk to their employees and in others, staff members are responsible for payment of the class which can then be made weekly.
If the latter, please note that we require a minimum of 5 people attending sessions. If more of your work colleagues wish to attend and the space available allows it, your individual fee just goes down: strength in numbers!

Please note that there is no commitment to continue the sessions beyond 5 weeks if you feel yoga is not what would benefit your employees/colleagues the most. You can be certain that I will do my best to win you over though!

Classes include a short meditation and/or breath work, asanas (postures) which both strengthen and stretch the body, and a relaxation.


“6 years ago, a member of my team suggested lunchtime yoga at work and introduced Flo. We haven’t looked back and the lunchtime session is now a permanent fixture in our office diary. Flo’s engaging personality, patience and obvious skills in judging how far and when to push you have made her our go-to trainer. From getting parts moving that beers just don’t reach to persevering with things you thought you’d never achieve, there is continual progress and a lot of laughs along the way. And the essential meditation/relax/power nap/snooze session at the end always sets you up for the rest of the day. Can’t recommend Flo highly enough for small or large groups.” - Simon Hutton, Managing Director at To The Point