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I like

I like cooking the deliciously healthy recipes coming right out of the brains of my friends at Hemsley & Hemsley
Their first cookbook The Art of Eating Well was published in June 2014 and their second one Good + Simple, in February 2016.
Below, in order of appearance:
Chickpea and broccoli salad with rocket pesto, Caramelised garlic tart, Apple and cheddar muffins. 

I like this sketch by the lovely Sarah Conolly. It has actually been printed on fabric and is going to end up on jackets! Sarah drew this sketch in Australia where she currently resides from a picture by Anna Lubeigt.

I like catching up with friends in market stalls. That time, we went to Maltby Street in Bermondsey. What a lovely place! And some seriously delicious food, mmm... 

I like a little of vintage hairstyling for a big day; here Matt and I's wedding!  My friend Lou did the beehive and Fiona Garden took the most amazing pictures!

I like a good book and Terre des hommes by Antoine de Saint Exupery (known in English as Wind, Sand and Stars) is so much more than that. It is one of these once-in-a-lifetime books when a writer managed to convey in the most poetic way what your heart and mind have been longing to hear and express without finding the words. Click here to read my blog on the book.

I like or I should say love spending time with these wonderful people aka my family.
Featured below are my parents, siblings, their kids and my family-in-law. Yes, we are a big family!

I like picking up and mostly eating berries…! Here in beautiful Wales. How is your foraging going?

I like pretty flowers! They instantaneously lift your spirit with their beauty and make you feel like a million dollars. Here on Columbia Road Market, open every Sunday, 8am until 15.00ish.

photo 1.JPG

I like "a little bit" of makeup on fancy dress occasions… Ready to go to Halloween 2014 Island party at the MacBeth!

I like learning new things! I finished teaching my very first pregnant student privately this week (15th March 2015) as she is going to have her baby next week (a boy or a girl? No ones knows!). It has been a privilege and a joy.

I like travelling. Here in Cambodia on the site of Angkor with my other and better half who took the pictures.

I like the amazing sunsets that we get back in my little French village where my parents have now lived for more than 40 years.

I like practical (meaning "flat") but also pretty shoes. It does not have to be one or the other!

I like plants but my hands are not exactly green. Sounds familiar…?
Try these beautiful terrariums with air plants, some moss and gravel!

I like getting a chance to be a kid all over again! Here the slides at the Carsten Holler exhibition Decision at the Hayward Gallery. One of the many fun installations there!

I like the beach, a lot. Something about the air, sand and hopefully sunshine too!
Here Croyd and Saunton beaches, in Devon.  

I like a good wood fire. It smells and feels so good. One of the nice winter treats!

I like going to exhibitions and living in London, there is so much to choose from!
Here the Ai Wei Wei exhibition at the RA in November 2015.

I like getting to spend time with those two even if it can be trying and rather tiring at times!