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Why I finally decided to start blogging

Florence Lefebvre

My name is Florence, I am a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, and yes, I can be a little slow at keeping up with the “modern world”!

First I resisted having a mobile phone the first couple of years I moved to London back in 2002 and then had to admit that, well, I simply needed one to get on with work. Being a freelance translator at the time, it was not great to have my flatmates picking up my messages…! Did I miss out on work? Most def!

Then came along Facebook which I joined as an individual at first. I then ended up creating the Flo Yoga page, which is a lot of fun and allows me to get tons (or should I say, “gigabytes”) of useful information for my classes and personal development as well as keeping in touch with my students.

Trying to keep up with everything S(&)M (“Social Media”, now what were you thinking?!)), I surrendered once more and signed up to Twitter, but the constant need to tweet turns out to be a little too full-on for my liking. Great thing about it though is that it is interactive and once again, it can be a valuable source of content since all main magazines and yogis have a Twitter account.

So here I am, writing my first blog on Tumblr… Why?

Well, when Facebook still made it possible to write “Notes” on a page, I actually found out that I really enjoyed writing and I am missing the format. Inspired by some incredible blogs, I see it as a great way to share a decent amount of material in small homeopathic doses. It is something people can read over and over again in their own time while in the right frame of mind.

As a teacher, it allows my teaching to improve and stay fresh by giving me the incentive to constantly read and research to compile a decent blog. A win-win for both students and teacher! 

Very recently, I was asked by the creative cooking team at Hemsley & Hemsley’s to be a guest blogger and that is the final nudge I needed to take the blog plunge! Here is the result, food from a yogic point of view.

Check it out: