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Rain, sweet rain...

Florence Lefebvre

Like so many of us, my year started with my non-friend Flu and let me tell you, I was not impressed. As it is taking a little more time than I thought to shake off the post-sickness-induced lethargy, I have been feeling admittedly a bit blue. Sickness aside, January is often a month synonym of anti-climax after spending time with friends and family over Christmas and New Year. 

But after reading the latest blog of my friend Lorna Clansey, I finally woke up from a desire to hibernate and sulk. She is on Tumblr so check her out, it will be give you the incentive to get up and go:

Last weekend, I did stuff I had not put in the diary for too long and actually missed. I treated myself to The Sleeping Beauty by Kenneth MacMillan and the next day, I went to the The Rain room by Random International at The Barbican Centre. Yes, it was a 3-hour-wait last Saturday, but how magical it was to finally walk into this darkened room with the sound of the rain indoors! It took me down memory lane and reminded me of some caves in Laos as well as a school trip in France.

And that is all that was needed: actually getting out there and being exposed to the skills and visions of great artists. Thanks to them, past, present and future, you are keeping humanity afloat!

Of course, it can often be even more simple: a nice cup of Horlicks or a hot apple juice. The point is whatever it is that makes you tick and smile, make time for it and the January blues will be no more!


The Rain room by Random International