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OG = t-2

Florence Lefebvre

I wish I could say I eventually came up with some amazing mathematical formula because it would mean I am a genius! Sadly, not exactly being blessed with the mathematics genes, this is simply meant as “Olympic Games opening in 2 days from today”.

After so much preparation, this major event is finally starting to unfold as the Olympic torch is being taken for a little jog and some fresh air in sunny London. Hang out in Haringey this evening for a sight of the flame.

This event is the perfect opportunity to address an ongoing yoga topic that leaves me absolutely baffled and speechless, namely the debate around introducing yoga as an Olympic discipline… There already exists some “yoga championships” which provoke exactly the same reactions on my part.

My mind is exploding with so many reasons why any kind of yoga competitions is inconceivable, but I will keep it short…

Yoga is a spiritual individual discipline, not a sport. It takes us away from the ego-sense that is striving to be the best, the fastest, the whatever-est. Yoga is a way to connect with and access all that is intrinsically good, wise and loving within ourselves and let it shine forth.

It is like having an absurd debate as to whether or not the Queen of England should be elected… It does not make any sense, because by nature, that is not how it works! A queen cannot be elected because if she was, she’d then be called a president. 

And “yoga” would then be called something different too. Perhaps a word mixing the terms gymnastics and contortion: gymortion or contorstics. Anything, but just not “yoga”.