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Pregnancy can be both a wonderful and terrifying process.

For years, you probably focussed on NOT being pregnant and on establishing your professional life while enjoying your freedom and independence. Even if you have wished for and mindfully planned your pregnancy, part of you might still be struggling with the reality of it.

You might start thinking about all the changes that will need to be implemented practically and financially: Until when shall I keep working? Will my absence hold my career back? What kind of financial help will I be getting? What do we need to get for the baby? Will I be able to get back to my pre-pregnancy body and fitness level? And the list of questions goes on and on.

On an emotional level, you might wonder how the birth itself will affect you and how the arrival of the baby will impact on your relationship with your partner and friends. 

What you can you do to alleviate anxiety and fears

- While all the questions above are more than legitimate, as always when big changes are coming your way, the best course of action is to take it one step at a time. No need to see the whole wood, focus on the tree that is right there in front of you, it is more than enough. And may I say, it will probably save you some cash too…! It is so easy to buy all those unnecessary baby accessories in order to feel more prepared for instance. Bottom line is: you do not know what your baby will like so wait and see. After all, you can always order online when or if the need arises!

- I found subscribing to the NHS Newsletters very helpful and reassuring.
They guide you every step of the way, gently, week by week, during your pregnancy but also postpartum, helping you care for your baby and yourself.

- Maintaining a certain level of physical activity during your pregnancy, without overdoing it, will help you feel balanced, healthy and strong.
// Scroll down to see my Two Part Blogs on Mobility and Strength //

- This being a yoga blog, I cannot not mention and emphasise enough the role that yoga has to play in a healthy pregnancy. Yoga in general prepares you for life’s changes and challenges, reminds you to focus on the present moment, let go of what is no longer relevant to you, free yourself from expectations and trust a higher principle. Physical benefits aside, meditation and breath work will help you feel calmer and more centered.

- Attending pregnancy yoga classes specifically tailored to accommodate your growing bump not only brings a positive state of mind and prepares you for your labour and birth, it also connects you with other mothers-to-be who share a similar interest beyond the pregnancy itself and its timing. Plugging into a network early on proves invaluable postpartum. 

- While pregnant, the sessions can allow you to share your experiences with fellow pregnant women living locally, meaning that once you baby gets here, you are likely to already have a support group in place. The sisterhood of mothers is truly wonderful and you might find that friendships grow pretty quickly!

I hope this blog will contribute to lift some of that knot-in-the-stomach/overthinking mind feeling. Remind yourself to take baby steps into the world of motherhood and trust that you have what it takes to do this!

And here it is: my last blog in the Healthy Pregnancy Blog Series unless I receive requests on your part. So let me wish you a serene and joyful pregnancy, mamas, and see you on the other side in my Healthy Motherhood Blog Series :-)