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Florence Lefebvre

When it comes to food in general, we are bombarded by various fads and a lot of information, quite a lot of it contradicting one another even. In this context, it is hardly surprising that pregnant women are prone to feeling somewhat anxious about making the right choices for their growing baby and themselves.

There are indeed certain foods that your GP and/or midwife will advise you to avoid for the duration of your pregnancy but eating does not need to become complicated and a source of stress during that time. In fact, if you have been eating healthily before your pregnancy, you will probably hardly notice the difference!

The following recommendations are mainly based on the NHS guidelines.

- Mostly say goodbye to alcohol but don't deny yourself a little glass of wine or bubbly if the occasion arises. Good news is that you will probably not be in the mood to drink much anyway.

- Cut down or out completely your caffeine intake, meaning coffee but also teas that are not herbal. If you would like to find a substitute, chicory is as close to a healthy coffee as it will get. It is not to everyone's taste but I thought it worth mentioning nonetheless. After all, you never know! As for black tea lovers, check out Roboois, no longer a well-guarded secret. It tastes delicious with milk or some lemon juice and is totally caffeine-free! 
Chocolate also contains caffeine so enjoy it in moderation and preferably eat dark chocolate.

- Meat: cold (cured) meat, rare or undercooked meat as well as liver and any kind of pates (meat and vegetarian) are best left out.

- Fish: no raw fish for a bit, ladies, but that is ok, those sushis and chirashis can wait and will taste so good when you can indulge again! The only exception to this is if the fish has been frozen beforehand. Abstain if you are unsure, not worth the risk.

- Eggs: the same principle for meat applies for eggs. Eat them well-cooked.

- Dairy: avoid raw unpasteurised cheeses, yoghurts and milk which is dead easy if you are used to shop in supermarkets as pretty much all dairy products are pasteurised. Double-check just to make sure though!

- Wash your fruits and vegetables especially if you shop at farmers' markets or health food stores to get rid of the soil.

And that is about it really! Not so bad, is it?

/ Eat the rainbow /

/ Smaller portions at the beginning and end of the pregnancy will help sustain your energy levels and see you through nausea during the first trimester and heart burns during the second / 

/ Stay hydrated /

Bon appétit, mamas!
(Pictures are from my Instagram account floyoga)