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Florence Lefebvre

In Part II of this blog, we are adding 5 more poses and movements aimed at creating more space and freedom in your body. Please read Part I to set yourself up properly.

6 - Neck stretches: tilt your head to one side, chin facing forward and hold for 5 breaths.
Tilt your head to the other and hold for 5 breaths. 
Drop your chin to your chest without letting your back round and take 3 head circles to one side. Repeat to the other side.

7 - Hold onto your knees or shins and begin to spin your upper body over your pelvis. Start with 10 small circles and widen them up as you go along. Change direction. (Note: if you have PGP, you might want to try extending your legs out in front instead, slightly apart, with some padding under your seat).


8 - Straighten your back, open your arms out to the side at shoulder-height and twist to your right, wrapping your left arm across your chest and your right arm across the back, palm facing away from your back. Hold for 5 breaths, releasing on the exhale. Open your arms to the side again, inhale and twist to your left as you exhale. Hold the twist for another 5 breaths; release as you exhale. This can be done in the modified seated position mentioned above: legs extended out in front and slightly apart.

9 - Come onto all fours. Take your right leg back, tucking the toes under,  keeping your leg straight as you reach through the heel for a calf stretch. Hold for 5 breaths. Return your right knee under the right hip and repeat on the other side. Keep hugging your baby in to prevent straining your lower back.

10 - From all fours, bring your right knee behind your right behind your right hand, shin across the mat for Pigeon Pose, lengthening your left leg back behind you to lower your pelvis closer to the floor. Square your hips (using padding as`a shown above if needed), lean forward and rest onto your forearms.
If your bump happens to press against the floor, either rest your palms in front of you or raise your forearms on a bolster or a padding of an equivalent height to create more space. Hold for 10 to 15 breaths and switch side. (Caution: this pose might not be suitable if you suffer from PGP).

Return onto all fours, bring your legs together and sit back onto your heels. Then drop your pelvis to one side of your feet and sweep your legs around.

To end this series, either come to rest in Savasana lying onto your back if it feels comfortable (not recommended after 30 weeks) or lie on your left-hand side with a pillow under your head and another one between your knees. Rest as long as you need to!